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  1.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, it is much easier to achieve success with help from one's family than what is like before. Use specific reasons and examples or details to support your answer.

  In order to succeed in this competitive society, people have to ask for help of others, particularly your family members, in terms of financial stability and career potential. I personally believe that with the assistance of family, people can be successful smoothly now. I in this essay, my purpose is to elaborate on this opinion, and I will offer two arguments to support my case.

  To begin with, freedom from the pressure of money, or rather the lack of it, can contribute to one's confidence in the financial credibility. For instance, those young people from well-to-do families may become aware that rarely do they have to achieve success the hard way. In contrast, most of their peers from families that are short of money must depend largely on their own to succeed economically. Truly, stories have repeatedly been told about persons starting from scratches to prosperity; nevertheless, these examples are exceptions that prove the rule. Actually, it is hard to achieve success without counting on help from the family in such a society where money can make the mare go.

  Secondly, there is no secret that being successful in life is often associated with one's recommendable educational background. This implies your reliance on your family to pay for your college education in the hope of having a rewarding career. It is the same today as it was in the past that higher education is usually available to those who can afford the high tuition fee, even though the effort is worthwhile. Education being concerned with the financial background, parents who can afford it are anxious to send their children to get career preparation either because they went to university or they did not. This goes to illustrate the importance of a financially support from family. On the other hand, although young people with low-income parents might as well make efforts to work hard so as to make a good preparation, lack of money hinder their improvement.

  In conclusion, in order to achieve economic and career success, the need to benefit from help provided by family members is more obvious than before. Without such help, the road to success seems often under construction. For those young people who can make use of the financial advantage, there appears to be always a short cut to success.

  2. It is better to watch serious movies than to watch movies that can amuse or entertain people.

  Mass media, such as movies and TV programs, have become an indispensable part of our life because of its huge information capacity. Movies, for example, could be classified into different types. Some are informational, providing insights concerning social or political issues, whereas others are funny and amusing. It is argued that people should watch more serious movies than the amusing ones. However, I disagree with this viewpoint for the following reasons.

  To begin with, watching movies that are comedies could help people relax. Nowadays, students and employees are under great pressures in their daily life. Students, for example, need to compete with their peers in college entrance exam. It is common that high school students in my home countries usually need to study until eleven p.m. at night, working on numerous assignments and questions. Some students even suffer from depression because of intense learning schedules. On the other hand, employees are assigned with demanding tasks at work, and have to work overload to finish all their works. My friend Nancy works as a programmer in a game company, and she sometimes need to stay up at night writing codes for new games. She always complains that her life lacks entertainment and rest. For both students and employees, watching serious movies about social and political issues might make them feel even more tired. On the contrary, funny and amusing movies could bring laughter to their life and thus help them relax in leisure time.

  Moreover, the themes of movies that are comedies tend to be positive, which could help people maintain a positive mental status. Maintaining a positive mental status could benefit people in their daily life, not only for students but also workers. In contrast, some serious movies are usually about the dark side of the society, such as scandals, wars, and disasters as well. Although people could learn more about the problems and difficulties in this world through watching serious movies, they will maintain a negative mindset exposed to those problems for a long time. Therefore, in order to keep mentally healthy, people should definitely watch some funny and amusing movies rather than watching serious movies all the time.

  Based on the above discussion, watching movies that assume and entertain people could benefit people in different ways, such as to help us relax and to maintain a positive mental status.

  3.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: people should be open to new ideas and change his or her mind to be successful.

  Nowadays, people are facing fierce competition in schools and at work, which makes it more difficult for people to succeed compared with the past. Some people argue that in order to achieve success, people should be open-minded and accept new ideas whereas others prefer to stick to the existing plan and refuse to make a change. Based on what I have learned about this topic, it is better to accept new ideas and take some risks to become successful.

  To begin with, accepting new ideas enables people to seize the opportunity. With the development of modern technology and the advancing of new industries, people now have increasing new opportunities when choosing their future career. Inspired by new ideas and innovations, many people become successful after they started a career that is unprecedented in history. Jack Ma’s story serves as a perfect example in this case.

  Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, was an English major student in college and became an English teacher after graduation. Soon he learned from a friend that a new type of business referred to as “e-commerce” sprung up in Western countries, and he believes that this online-based business will be promising in the world market. Therefore, he started his own business and founded the company, namely Alibaba. With his strong leadership and the ability to foresee the trends in the field of e-commerce, he now becomes one of the most successful businessmen in this century. His example clearly shows how rewarding it is to accept new ideas and make a change.

  Moreover, our visions will be limited if we are too stubborn to change our mind. This is not only true in business but also in the field of scientific research. As a student majored in linguistics, I have learned the importance of conducting interdisciplinary research. However, some professors prefer to stick to their own field of research and refuse to make a change cooperating with professors in other subjects. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult for this group of professors to propose new hypotheses or theories, let alone to make a breakthrough in the field of linguistics.

  To sum up, being willing to accept new ideas is an essential factor than contributes to our success. And I believe that in different fields, it is always necessary for us to take some risks and be creative.

  4. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is better to relax by a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercise.

  Present-day city-dwellers have already been accustomed to the hustle and bustle of metropolis, plagued by the daily urban commute. Agonizing over endless work and trivia, average citizens have to find some leeway to both relax and let out their pent-up energy. The debate over what is the best solution to eliminating fatigue never fades out of the public arena.

  Those who often resort to a movie or a book for the sake of thorough relaxation tend to locate their logic at spiritual enjoyment, as most people, at least the vast majority of brain-workers, are inclined to mental relaxation after a whole-day tiring work. Every time when the curtain of night falls, flopping into an armchair, we are easily amazed by the latest Hollywood blockbuster, with a series of static or dynamic images taking us to a placid island or a tragic battlefield. A complete shift of mood from grave anxiety to great excitement can be achieved merely by a slight click of the mouse, sufficient enough to drag us out of exhaustion and distress. Even a bestseller, despite seeming to be a bit inferior to films in the regard of the relaxing effect, can calm us down and furnish us with a peaceful mind owing to the frequent meditation required in intensive reading. Naturally, such means of taking a break from the stifling daily routines are invariably applauded by many.

  However, legions of health experts doubt the above as they have the belief that real relaxation only can be actualized with the presence of both psychological and physiological participation. Loads of past and current academic periodicals, after continuous study and survey, have come to a unanimous conclusion that sweating off dirt in the body proves to be the optimal measure to relax. Such consensus indicates the irreplaceable function of doing physical exercises. To fully release the pressure, a snap glimpse at a movie or a book is far from enough because our physical condition has two integral parts, which means simple mental pleasure can seldom substitute for giving our body a workout to render us sweating. In most cases, non-manual workers may feel better right after sweating themselves by outdoor activities or high-intensity training. In the absence of regular exercises, a large number of nationals live in the state of sub-health, a final result as well as a by-product of insufficient relaxation. Immersed in videos and cartoons, seemingly good ways to relax, the masses are not conscious of delicate changes to their health, which means a lack of physical workout pushes them on the verge of falling ill easily.

  To sum up, movies together with books should be regarded as a rewarding and inspiring channel to get us away from fatigue and burden, but we shall not be under the delusion that bursting into laughter virtually equals full bodily liberation, as the two carry the same weight.